Amy and Jeff Nuttman
"When we met Leslie we knew he was the perfect fit for our wedding. Having coordinated weddings alongside Leslie and seeing the enthusiasm and energy he brings with him (including his adorable wife Barbara), we instantly knew he would create a memorable atmosphere for our reception. People still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding and I know Leslie had a lot to do with that. Thank you Leslie!”
—Amy Nuttman, Blush Bridal Consultation Group
Monfils Bride and Groom
"Leslie is our family’s go-to DJ! He was the MC and DJ for my sister’s wedding and then mine after being referred by a friend. Leslie takes the time to understand the type of event you are wanting, the music you want and how little or how much you want him involved. He kept my wedding rolling and was great on the mic! Years after our wedding we are still getting compliments on his work and have had several friends use Leslie in their wedding because of how much fun they had at our wedding, thanks to Leslie’s amazing skills! He really knows how to get the crowd going and get people on the dance floor. Additionally, my dad uses him for all his company events and has had rave reviews from all his employees. He is the best DJ I have ever experienced and we have grown to love Leslie and his wife Barbara who always is at the events to help support. They are amazing people and have become like family to us! Thank you Leslie for everything!”
— Lisa Monfils
"I definitely want to thank Leslie for making the reception an awesome party, as well as helping my job go so much more smoothly. I’ve worked with him and his wife, Barbara, before, and I definitely would recommend them if you’re looking for a kick-ass DJ!”
— Jessica Lawson, Photographer
Mr. Jason & Mrs. Davin Windsor
"Jason and I have had the privilege of attending several previous sessions with Leslie Taylor of Pace Mobile DJ, and it was an easy choice for our special day. Les knows how to keep the people moving! We had a diverse group of attendees, and there were a variety of music genres to fit everyone's preference. Les, thank you for adding a special touch to an already perfect day!”
— Davin Windsor
Mr. & Mrs. Rader
"We and our guests had a really great time! We appreciated your being able to keep our guests involved and out on the dance floor at our reception.”
— Mr. Rader
"The kids really enjoy you coming to DJ for us. You do such a great job of playing music for our diverse group of kids! I will not hire any other DJ. We can rely on you because you screen the music and keep the kids going. You are willing to get out there and dance with the kids, which our staff and kids really appreciate. Thank you!”
— Vic Curtis, Middle School VP
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Meyer
"Leslie, you did a really great job of playing all kinds of music, bringing total excitement and great memories to our wedding day. Thank you so much!”
— Mr. & Mrs. Rick Meyer
"Once again, you guys rocked the party! Our nephew's 16th birthday party is still the talk of the town (granted we do live in a small town). He had a blast, as did everyone else. The music list was on point, and the lights made such a great party atmosphere. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
— Jason & Jessica
Czajka Bride & Groom
"I want to say thank you for all that you did. Your confidence behind the music and prompt communication made my DJ the last of the worries at the wedding. The ceremony went perfectly, the timing of the was as if we had practiced 100 times! Thank you for being flexible with the song choices we picked for both the ceremony and reception. It was so great to see you being part of the reception. Your interaction amongst the crowd really kept things flowing, and started the party. You made our wedding perfect and I sincerely thank you for all the hard work you did!"
— Teresa C.
"Compared to other DJ’s we have seen at Bar Mitzvahs, you did an amazing job of getting both kids and their parents involved and on the dance floor.”
— Parents and Guests, Abramovitz’s Bar Mitzvah
Nicole Spirlin
"Leslie was incredibly easy to get a hold of always on top of things and very easy to talk to. He was very professional yet fun and entertaining at the same time. Leslie was extremely flexible and always had my best interest at heart, he went out of his way to make sure my mom’s surprise party remained a surprise. He asked me what I wanted and, unlike some other DJs, played the songs I asked for. He also read between the lines of my playlist and filled in the holes with amazing music my family and friends loved! I would recommend Leslie to anyone who needs a DJ for any type of event.”
— Nicole Spirlin
"I can’t wait to see you and your wife at our friends’ wedding receptions you’re DJ'ing. You did such an awesome job at our reception. Everyone had a blast and said you are the best DJ they have ever seen.”
— Tammy Nguyen Wetzler
Mrs. Russell
"The music was great! You really did a good job of getting our parents and guests on the dance floor. Your energy and style really was enjoyed and appreciated by all that attended. Thank you so much.”
— Mrs. Russell